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Guilty Crown

Guily Crown Opening and Ending:
[Guilty Crown OP1] Supercell – My Dearest
[Guilty Crown ED1] Egoist – Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~
[Guilty Crown OP2] Egoist – The Everlasting Guilty Crown
[Guilty Crown ED2] Supercell – Kokuhaku
[Guilty Crown IN01] Egoist – Euterpe
[Guilty Crown IN01] Mika Kobayashi – BIOS
[Guilty Crown IN01] Mika Kobayashi – D-BIOS
[Guilty Crown IN02] Supercell – Euterpe ~Silence~
[Guilty Crown IN11] Egoist – Departures ~Blessing~
[Guilty Crown IN22] Aimee Blackschleger – Release My Soul
[Guilty Crown IN02] David Whitaker – Ready to Go
[Guilty Crown IN13] Hiroyuiki Sawano – Hill of Sorrow
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