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Naruto Shippuuden Opening :
“Hero’s Come Back!!” by nobodyknows+
“Distance” by Long Shot Party
“Blue Bird” by Ikimono-Gakari
“Closer” by Inoue Joe
“Hotaru no Hikari” by Ikimono-Gakari
“Sign” by Flow
“Toumei Datta Sekai” by Motohira Hata
“Diver” by NICO Touches the Walls
“Lovers” by 7!!
“Newsong” by Tacica
Op01-10 download->[FS] [MC]
Op11:“”Totsugeki Rock” by The Cro-Magnons [FS] [uppit]
Op12:“Moshimo” by Daisuke [FS] [DB] [MF]
Naruto Shippuuden Ending :
“Nagare Boshi” by Home Made Kazoku
“Michi ~ to you all” by aluto
“Kimi Monogatari” by little by little
“Mezamero! Yasei” by Matchy with Question?
“Sunao na Niji” by surface
Ed01-05 downlaod-> [FS] [MC]
“Broken Youth” by Nico Touches the Wall
“Long Kiss Good Bye” by Halcali
“Bachhikoi” by Dev Parade
“Shinkokyuu” by Super Beaver
“My Answer” by Seamo
Ed06-10 downlaod->[FS] [MC]
“It was you” by Kishidan
“For You” by AZU
“Jitensha” by Oreskaband
“Utakata Hanabi” by Supercell
“U Can Do It” by Domino
Ed11-15 downlaod->[FS] [MC]
“Orchestra of Midnight” by Aqua Timez
“Freedom” by Home Made Kazoku
“Yakubou o Sakebe!!!” by Okatomo’s
“Place to Try” by Toralfat
“By My Side” by Hemenway
Ed15-20 downlaod->[FS] [MC]
Ed21:“Cascade” by Unlimits [FS] [Uppit]
Ed22:“Kono Koe Karashi feat. Chenon” by Aisha [FS] [Uppit]
Ed23:“Mother” by MUCC [FS] [Uppit]
Ed24:”Sayonara” by 7!! [MF] [DB]

Naruto Shippuuden Movie
Movie 01:“Lie Lie Lie” by DJ Ozma
Movie 02:“No Rain No Rainbow” by Home Made Kazoku
Movie 03:“Dareka Ga” by Puffy
Movie 04:“If” by Kana Nishino
Movie 05: “Otakebi” by Yusuke
Movie 06: “Soredewa, Mata Ashita” by ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
Download all-> [FS]

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